How do I change the preset amount/opacity?

In the Edit panel, look for the Amount slider near the top. Drag the slider to adjust the opacity of the profile.

Note: This only affects the Lightroom color profile, not the adjustments below it.

How do I install it on the Lightroom mobile app without paying for a Creative Cloud subscription?

Android Devices:

  1. On Android devices, open a file management app (i.e. Files by Google, Samsung My Files, etc.).
  2. Copy the XMP files to Android\data\com.adobe.lrmobile\files\carouselDocuments\0000…\Profiles\Settings\UserStyles
  3. Force close and relaunch Lightroom Mobile.

Apple Devices

There is currently no method for installing Lightroom presets on Apple devices without a Creative Cloud subscription.

How do I install the presets in Lightroom 6 or other versions of Lightroom?

Our presets cannot be installed in Lightroom 6 or older versions because they do not support Lightroom profiles and various Lightroom adjustments.

What is the difference between lrtemplate and xmp presets?

New Lightroom presets are xmp files. “Lrtemplate” is the old file format and is discontinued. Read more about it here.

Where do I find the preset settings to adjust?

To use a Lightroom preset, first open your photo in Lightroom. Then, click the Presets menu item in the left sidebar. From there, select the preset you want to use. (If you don’t see the Presets menu item, make sure you have the Lightroom Classic CC update installed.)

How do your Lightroom presets render so fast?

Normally, Lightroom presets use a series of Lightroom adjustments. These adjustments use a lot of resources and render slowly.

Our presets utilize Lightroom profiles which lessens the amount of processing needed. Lightroom profiles can utilize LUTs (Color Lookup Table) that simply remaps colors. The LUTs use fewer resources, making them especially fast on mobile devices.

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