Free LUTs

Automotive LUT

Accelerate your color grading with this free Automotive LUT. This LUT gives your automotive footage an engaging, bold look. It works great for car photography, car commercials, and any automotive projects. The LUT can also be used for motorcycles, boats, and other vehicle footage. Download this LUT and start giving your automotive projects a boost!

“Mad Max: Fury Road” Orange and Blue LUT

Looking for a free download that will give your videos an orange and blue look? Look no further than this orange and blue LUT inspired by the film Mad Max Fury Road. This LUT will saturate your footage and give it a bright, exciting look. Perfect for videos with a steampunk/dieselpunk Mad Max vibe, or just to add some extra punch to your desert videos.

Amélie LUT

This free Amélie LUT gives your footage a dreamy look, that captures the charm and mystery of modern day life. It is inspired by the romance and comedy film, “Amélie” (2001).

Kodachrome LUT

Adding a touch of vintage style to your photos and videos is easy with this vintage Kodachrome LUT. It mimics the look of the classic film, and you can download it for free. Vintage Kodachrome film has a unique color profile that is perfect for giving your footage a nostalgic feel.

CineStill 800T LUT

Get the cinematic look of CineStill 800T film – a tungsten film that cinematographers use to capture natural looking night photos. Download this free LUT and give your footage the unique color profile of CineStill 800T film.