CineStill 800T LUT

Get the cinematic look of CineStill 800T film – a tungsten film that cinematographers use to capture natural looking night photos. Download this free LUT and give your footage the unique color profile of CineStill 800T film.


Tips for using CineStill 800T LUT

This cinematic LUT is best used with night photos and videos under tungsten/incandescent or fluorescent light .

  • For cooler tones, adjust the white balance
  • The LUT will compress the shadows for a filmic look
  • Pay attention to the yellows, as they will appear greenish-yellow which is a natural characteristic of CineStill 800T film
  • LUTs cannot emulate the film’s halation effect. You will need to do this in your editing software (i.e. Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, etc.)

CineStill 800T Color Profile

CineStill 800T is a tungsten film, that is balanced for night time photography. This LUT’s color grading produces slightly muted colors and bluish-greenish tones. Asides from its halation effect which cannot be emulated with a LUT, CineStill 800T most notable characteristics is the unique shade of greenish-yellows.

Example CineStill 800T photos

You can view photos shot with CineStill 800T from these links

This download is free for personal use. By downloading the file, you agree to the End User License Agreement. For commercial use, including but not limited to paid projects, please purchase a commercial license.

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